NFL Pro Bowler Pat Ricard shows all the fundamentals and skills for the fullback position

  • Learn the alignment and pre-snap gimmicks players need for the best start of the snap
  • Master the fundamentals of the power play and lead play
  • Run the tightest plays possible with these tips for maximizing handoffs and gaining extra yardage
  • Use the fullback position with versality with these lessons on pass blocking and route running
  • Build a much more complete and effective fullback game with these lessons from one of the best in the game right now

The Fullback Position by Patrick Ricard

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Transform Your Offense With These Fullback Techniques from Pro Bowler Patrick Ricard

Patrick Ricard Shows How To Make Plays, Make Reads, and Contribute as a Fullback Every Play

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What Will You Learn?

NFL Pro Bowler Patrick Ricard takes you through all the fundamentals and techniques of the fullback position, so you can build highly skilled players who can handle whatever they need in the backfield. Pat takes you through an entire workout, complete with basics, advanced concepts, drills, and more for total fullback success.

Learn all of the most important football skills you need for the fullback position with these tricks and tips. Get the fundamentals of the stance and pre snap gimmicks, then how to maximize their contributions every single play. Pat will show how to take the snap inside and hit the hole hard, how to pass block and run routes, and more as every facet of the game they will need.

This is your chance to learn from one of the best fullbacks in the game as he helps explain what really matters at the highest levels of football. Patrick Ricard has had a standout career for the Ravens, turning himself from an undrafted rookie to a pro bowler in a few years with a focus on these lessons.

Pre-Snap Gimmicks

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Introduction 
  • Fundamentals of Stance
  • Stance Alignment Play Tight 
  • Pre Snap Gimmicks 
  • Fundamentals of the Power Play 
  • Fundamentals of technique for lead play 
  • Outside Zone
  • Counters
  • QB Read 
  • Hand Offs 
  • Flat Routes 
  • Pass Blocking 

Fundamentals Of Technique For Lead Play

So, What Does It All Cost?