Learn the systematic steps of punting that will give your kicker the most power and coverage possible from NFL Pro Bowl punter Michael Dickson

  • Use these drills and practice tips to master the steps needed for the best special teams work
  • Make your footwork on punting better than ever with these traditional, one step, and no step punts that will help your team build their kicking
  • Punt under pressure with these lessons from an NFL pro who can give advice on performing with the lights on
  • Michael Dickson is an NFL Pro Bowl Punter who can help lead you through some of his favorite punting workouts
  • Use variations like the roll out punt, sky punt, and others for special circumstances with precise placement

The Science of Punting by Michael Dickson

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Turn Your Punter Into A Weapon With These Punting Lessons From NFL Pro Bowler Michael Dickson

Punt Further, Faster With These Valuable Technique Lessons From An Elite NFL Kicker

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What Will You Learn?

Use these systematic punting lessons to level up your special teams and kick further than ever, with the help of NFL Pro Bowler Michael Dickson. He will show you the step-by-step mechanics that players need for the best punts, every time, including tips for different game situations and managing pressure as you perform.

Place your kicks perfectly every time you punt with these fundamentals and positioning lessons from Michael. Break each step down and see how to perform it the best and then how to bring it all together for the single best punting your team can get. Catch the snap, transition to the punt with proper footwork, and swing the right arc to punt the real way.

Learn the elite tips to every special teams circumstance a punter must face, including the sky punt and the roll out punt, so that your team is ready for any defense. Finally, get some honest advice from Michael as he explains how to punt under pressure, one of the kicker’s most important jobs.

Leg Wing

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

  • Introduction 
  • Footwork Fundamentals
  • Positioning the Football 
  • Punting Practice
  • Catching the Snap 
  • Catch to Punt Transition 
  • No Step Punt 
  • One Step Punt 
  • Leg Swing 
  • Punting Under Pressure 
  • Sky Punt 
  • Roll Out Punt 
  • Outro 

Catch To Punt Transition

So, What Does It All Cost?