Get insider quarterback lessons from Coach Quincy Avery, the personal coach to numerous NFL stars.

  • Find the best throwing mechanics and create a much more dynamic offense around a passing game threat.
  • Use Coach Quincy’s lessons and drills to build a quarterback who can throw confidently and accurately.
  • See all the dynamic throwing movements that your QB’s will use commonly, and how to get them even better.
  • Coach Quincy has molded multiple current NFL quarterbacks, including Deshaun Watson, and is considered by many a quarterback guru.
  • Invest in your passing game and see huge results with Coach Quincy Avery’s keys to high-performance fundamentals.
  • Use multiple drills that Quincy has his NFL quarterbacks do on a regular basis to keep the edge.

The Mechanics of the Quarterback Position by Quincy Avery

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Create A Dynamic Passing Threat With Specialized Passing Drills From Perhaps The Most Respected Private QB Coach In The World, Quincy Avery

Quincy Is The Modern Quarterback Coach Who Numerous NFL Players (Including His Star Student Deshaun Watson) Call A Football Guru


What Will You Learn?

Turn your offense into an exciting aerial attack with coach Quincy Avery’s guide to throwing technique and quarterback development. Coach Quincy is one of the nation’s leading QB development coaches and now you can learn from the best as he shows the fundamentals and mechanics behind powerful, accurate passing.

Use these lessons and drills to create opportunities and skills for passing all over the field. Coach Quincy teaches dropping back, body mechanics in your stance, and the throwing motion keys that most people get wrong (even some pros!). With drills that specifically target and replicate real in-game situations, you can build from basics to advanced with coach Quincy’s guide to QB success.

Quincy Avery is one of the nation’s best coaches for developing skill in quarterbacks. He has helped guide and sharpen athletes like Deshaun Watson, Josh Dobbs, and Jalen Hurts, and continues to be one of the most in-demand football trainers in the nation. Now, you can learn from coach Quincy too as he shares some of his knowledge on this new series.


So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Introduction
  • Extension
  • Vertical L
  • Horizontal L
  • Efficient Position
  • Rotation Emphasis
  • Combining Mechanics Static Position
  • Movement Drops
  • Drop Mechanics
  • Resets
  • BackPedal
  • Watching Eyes And Feet To Target
  • Wathching Eyes And Feet To Target PT.2
  • Blended Movements
  • Cone Series Shuffle
  • Cone Series Off Platform Throws
  • Break And Claim
  • Circle Drill
  • Cone Series Throwing On The Run
  • Disassociate Throws
  • Cone Seriesline Swings
  • 4-Cone Shuffle
  • Evading The Rush
  • Outro