Learn the body mechanics behind powerful and precise football kicking from NFL Pro Kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn

  • Ka’imi is a starting NFL kicker, and the Pac-12 Conference record holder for most career points - all with his leg!
  • Ka’imi explains his methods for setting the ball, stance, motion, and dynamic kicking actions that you can use.
  • Build your special teams skill with these kicking drills that Ka’imi uses to stay sharp and ahead of the competition.
  • Get the hidden keys to victory, like controlling your breathing and managing the mental side of kicking with Ka’imi’s advice.
  • Master every phase of the kick so you can get every bit of force possibly.

The Fundamentals of Field Goal Kicking by Ka'imi Fairbairn

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Kick The Ball Further Than Ever With These Clutch Punting and Kickoff Techniques For Special Teams Success From NFL Pro Ka’imi Fairbairny

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What Will You Learn?

Master the winning special team’s skill of field goal kicking with NFL starting kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn, as he shows you how to build a precise and powerful kick that scores. Ka’imi is the all-time scoring leader in the Pac-12 conference, and he did it all with his leg. Now, you can learn the technique behind his success here.

Ka’imi shows you every phase of kicking technique, including the approach, the plant, the swing, and more, as he breaks down how to get the most out of every kick. Soon, you can have a special team’s squad that can dominate field position and score those clutch extra points with these key techniques and drills.

Create a dynamic kicking game that can make the difference in close games, with great instruction from NFL pro Ka’imi Fairbairn. With lots of drills and exercises to do, this series can help anyone maximize their kicking potential and see the results as they kick further and clearer.


So, What's In This Series?

  • Intro
  • Initial Stance
  • Alignment
  • Kicking Stance
  • Kicking Structure
  • Approach
  • Sequence of Steps
  • Jab Step
  • Even Flow
  • Making Contact
  • Foot Position
  • Finishing The Kick
  • Vision
  • Complete Kick
  • Kicking In A Game
  • Approaching In A Game
  • Footwork In The Approach
  • Full Kick
  • No Step Drill
  • Solid Contact
  • One Step Drill
  • One Step Drill Example
  • Height Drill
  • Height Drill Example
  • Height Drill Example 2
  • The Mental Side Of Kicking
  • Trusting Your Technique
  • Breathing
  • Game Winner Example
  • What Makes A Good Kicker Great?
  • The Kickoff
  • Approaching The Kickoff
  • Lining Up
  • Example Of Lining Up
  • Target Point
  • Chest High,Shoulders High
  • The Importance Of Posture
  • Placement
  • Full Kicking Mechanics
  • Kickoff Options
  • Examples Of Our Kickoffs
  • Examples Of Our Kickoffs 2
  • Examples Of Our Kickoffs 3
  • Examples Of Our Kickoffs 4
  • Examples Of Our Kickoffs 5
  • The Onside Kick
  • Onside Kick Example
  • The End Over End Kick
  • End Over End Examples
  • The Spinner
  • The Spinner Examples
  • The Squib Kick
  • Examples Of The Squib
  • Closing Thoughts
  • So, What Does It All Cost?