Learn all the keys to dynamic defensive back skills with NFL All-Pro Safety Budda Baker

  • See how to make reads, tackle safely, put pressure on receivers, and more on this new instructional series
  • Budda Baker shares some key strategies for defensive backs for goalline situations, forcing fumbles, disguising coverages, and more
  • Get the most out of your defense with these playmaking tips from an elite NFL free safety

The Defensive Back Encyclopedia by Budda Baker

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Create Dynamic Defensive Backs Who Can Totally Shut Down Recievers With NFL All-Pro Free Safety Budda Baker

The NFL Veteran Shows You All The Skills and Drills Your Players Need For Complete Defensive Backs

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What Will You Learn?

Join NFL All-Pro Free Safety Budda Baker as he takes you through a complete football workout designed to build effective defensive backs. Budda goes through the techniques and tricks that helped make him an elite NFL player, breaking down what he’s doing step by step so that players of any level can learn from his expertise. Now you can learn from an All-Pro talent and see the pro-level keys to success from Budda Baker.

Defensive backs need a wide skillset, and Budda Baker shows you all of those important battles that you’ll have to win. Learn how he makes reads, disguises coverages, and then safely tackles with high impact TECHNIQUE (not strength). With these lessons and drills, you can start building explosive defensive backs who can make decisions and make plays.

Own the field with Budda Baker’s guide to defensive back success, as he shows you some of the hidden keys to victory that your players will need to know. Budda shows how to highpoint the football, studying stances and body language of receivers on the goal line, communicating with teammates, and more. Take your defenders to the next level with elite instruction on what works for this NFL All-Pro player.

Budda Baker has one of the best free safeties in the NFL, having appeared in two Pro Bowls and being named first-team All-Pro in 2017. This is your opportunity to learn how a highly successful modern defensive back wins all the most important battles, every snap of the ball. Use these tips and workouts from Budda to make your defensive backs more dynamic and better able to handle whatever happens on the field.

Shedding Blocks

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

  • Angle Drill 
  • Breaking Angles
  • Defending Double Move 
  • Drops 
  • Defense 
  • Inside and Outside Leverage 
  • Proper Tackling
  • Goal Line Coverage 
  • Disguising Coverage 
  • Shedding Blocks 
  • Blitzing 
  • Communication 
  • Chasedown Tackling 
  • Forcing Fumbles 
  • In Phase Out Phase 
  • High Pointing the Football 
  • Studying Receiver Stances
  • Studying Receiver Body Language 
  • Mirror Drill 

Goal Line Coverage

So, What Does It All Cost?