Win every defensive line snap with these pass rushing techniques and strategies from NFL pro Chase Winovich

  • Learn how your defensive line can shed blockers, break up pass plays, attack the ball, and more on this new series
  • Chase takes you through some of his favorite workouts and drills to help create explosion and skills for the field
  • Master important concepts and instructional lessons like timing, playing to strengths of the team, and more for maximum results
  • Chase Winovich is the starting defensive end for the New England Patriots and a third-round draft pick
  • Understand the fight zone and use important and tested pass rush moves to get through to the next level

Rushing The Passer by Chase Winovich

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Break Up Plays and Make QB’s Pay With These Pass Rush Tips from NFL Pro and U Michigan All-American Chase Winovich

Turn Pass Rushing Into An Art With These Bull Rushing Defensive Line Skills and Tactics

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What Will You Learn?

Add a punch to your defense with these pass rushing lessons from NFL pro, Chase Winovich, as he explains all the fundamentals and tactics you can use to maximize pass rush results. Break up plays, attack the quarterback, and more as Chase brings you through some of what has helped him excel at the highest levels of the game.

Set yourself up for success with these tips on lining up for the most power and speed off the snap, winning the first contact, and shedding blockers to get to the next level. Enter The Fight Zone with Chase and learn all the right ways to bull rush and get away from pesky offensive lineman on the way to breaking up the play.

Get the techniques and mentality that Chase Winovich uses as a highly successful pro pass rusher, including more advanced concepts like playing off strengths and weaknesses and countering the overset. With these total pass rushing techniques, your defensive line will be ready for whatever the offense throws at them.

Pass Rush Moves

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

  • Introduction 
  • Pre Snap 
  • The Fight Zone 
  • Timing 
  • Importance of Timing, Playing off strengths and weakness 
  • Pass Rush Moves 
  • Bull Rush
  • Winning by Countering the Overset 
  • Conclusion / Wrap-Up 

Bull Rush

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