Learn offensive line principles and strategies for success from the most unique coach in high school football, Coach Kevin Kelley

  • Everything starts at the line - and now you can see how to win big with these fundamentals of offensive line success.
  • Coach Kelly’s unique system for offense lets his team move the ball better than ever, and now you can see how his linemen get it done.
  • See examples of the dag and trap, the inside trap, and more that your linemen can use to win the positional battles.
  • Understand the principles of base, early victories, and fronts and closure that can keep things in your favor.
  • Coach Kevin Kelley is known for his very unorthodox but game-proven methods, including never punting on 4th down, and always going for 2-point conversions.
  • Maximize every lineman’s potential by having them use these principles to work as a unit and get the job done.

Principles Of Coaching Offensive Line by Kevin Kelley

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Build An Offensive Line That Can Handle Whatever The Defense Tries - And March The Ball Down The Field, With These Creative Coaching Tips From Nationally Respected High School Coach Kevin Kelley

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 What Will You Learn?

Every successful offense is built around its linemen and now you can take yours to the next level with Coach Kevin Kelley’s guide to winning O-Line principles and fundamentals. Coach Kelley’s unorthodox but effective approach to football will help you learn new and dynamic ways for your O-line to block and dominate position.

Coach Kevin Kelley is the most innovative mind in high school football and has built a dynamic, exciting, and effective program with out-of-the-box plays that really work. Made famous for his strategy of never punting and always going for 2-point conversions, coach Kelley has built an incredible team with creative plays that pay off with precision and execution.

Get new blocking dynamics like the dag and trap, the inside trap, and learn all about the offensive line’s base as Coach Kelley explains what any team needs for a productive O-Line. With these foundational lessons, you can begin creating an O-Line that can set the tone for your team to be an offensive and aggressive force.


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