Learn the lessons every running back needs to succeed on the field, with two-time NFL Super Bowl Champion Brandon Jacobs

  • Brandon Jacobs is a long-time NFL veteran and won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants as a running back.
  • Run routes as a running back as Brandon shows you how to go to the next level and still get the ball.
  • Master the running motion with Brandon Jacobs’s advice on body mechanics.
  • Use these drills and workouts to create a dynamic and effective running back position.
  • Make contact in a safe way that can keep your running backs on the field and running the right way.
  • Use cone drills to learn how to cut laterally and move in angles the RIGHT way to stay mobile and evasive.

Fundamentals of The Tail Back Position by Brandon Jacobs

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Master The Running Back Fundamentals of Footwork, Contact, Dynamic Scoring, and More With Two-Time NFL Super Bowl Champion Brandon Jacobs

NY Giants Running Back Brandon Jacobs Takes You Through All Of The Best Skills And Techniques For Running Back Success

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What Will You Learn?

Build all the fundamentals that a good running back needs, with this new instructional series from Two-Time Super Bowl Champ Brandon Jacobs. Brandon shows you how to run the ball, create angles, make contact, and more in this instructional series packed with details.

Running backs can set the tone for any game, and getting the most out of your ground game is key to winning any tough game. Brandon Jacobs shows you all of the keys to success, as he takes you through every fundamental technique to being a running back. Run with more power and speed as Brandon shows you how to move your feet and get the ball in motion (without dropping it).

Create running backs who can move their feet and make meaningful, safe contact as Brandon takes you through his preferred drills and workouts for optimizing an athlete. Use cones, bags, and partners to figure out these fundamental lessons and make sure they are ready to go when it matters.


So, What's In This Series?

  • Brandon Jacob's Intro
  • Elbow To Ball
  • High Knees
  • Lateral Footwork
  • In And Out
  • Cone Series Angles
  • Cone Series Lateral
  • Chopping
  • Frog Hop
  • Lateral Crossover
  • Dodge The Bag
  • I Drill
  • Blitz Pickup
  • Route Running
  • So, What Does It All Cost?