NFL Cornerback Trae Waynes shows all of the coverage, tackling, and more that defensive backs need for a complete game

  • Move around the field dynamically and learn the important reads that defensive backs make to find the ball
  • Build a total coverage on the field with these strategies for cornerbacks to defend the pass while still respecting the run
  • Create more turnovers as a team by using these slick tips on forcing fumbles from the offense
  • Get drills that Trae Waynes uses to sharpen his skills, even at the NFL level
  • Create plays with Trae’s techniques for creating interceptions and how to get more chances at the ball every game
  • Trae Waynes is an elite NFL cornerback with the Bengals, and a first-round draft pick coming out of college
  • Trae Waynes is an elite NFL cornerback with the Bengals, and a first-round draft pick coming out of college
  • Cornerbacks are key to any team’s defensive success and now you can learn the keys to victory from an elite player

Dynamic Cornerback Fundamentals by Trae Waynes

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 Take Your Defensive Backs To The Next Level With These Skills And Workouts From NFL Cornerback Trae Waynes

The Active NFL Cornerback Teaches The Coverage And Playmaking Abilities That Modern Cornerbacks Need For Success

What Will You Learn?

Learn how to turn your defensive backs into dynamic and effective difference makers with NFL Cornerback Trae Waynes’s guide to total skill development. Trae shows all of the fundamentals of the position, complete with drills and workouts you can use to level up quickly.

The cornerback position is key to any football team’s defensive success, especially against the passing threat and plays to the outside. Now, you can see the game broken down by an elite player as he takes you through how to cover, intercept the ball, make plays on receivers, and more.

Use some of Trae’s favorite drills and workouts to improve your cornerbacks and help them target those defensive back-specific movements they need to play. Use dynamic movement to stay ahead of receivers and cover with three step and five step motions as Trae Waynes goes step-by-step into full coverage mastery.

So, What Exactly Is On These Series?


  • Intro
  • Back Pedal Warm Up Drills
  • W Drill 
  • High Point Ball Location
  • Turn And Catch Drill
  • Break N Catch 
  • Post Corner Drill 
  • 3 Step And 5 Step Drop
  • Press Coverage 
  • Cover 5 
  • Forcing A Fumble 
  • Defending The Pull
  • Redzone Coverage 
  • Cover 2
  • Angle Tackling
  • Disrupting Pass 
  • WR DB Break Drill
  • Defending Slot Vs Wideout
  • Communication
  • Weave Break Catch 
  • Outro