Master the defensive line fundamentals that will give your players explosion off the line and the dynamic ability to follow the play

  • Create pressure on the quarterback with these pass rush lessons on shedding blockers and disrupting passes
  • Use techniques and stunts to get to quick angles on the play and break up the offense’s plans
  • Learn how to read between run plays and pass plays so your team can make the right calls and get to the ball for big stops
  • Charles Omenihu is a starting defensive lineman for the Houston Texans who can show you how to use pro-level techniques
  • Instead of relying on big guys who can’t move, use these lessons to bring the most athleticism out of every player with technique and strategy

Defensive Line Fundamentals by Charles Omenihu

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Set A Dominating Tone Every Play With These Defensive Line Fundamentals and Plays from NFL Pro Charles Omenihu

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What Will You Learn?

Let your defensive line set the tone for the game with these proven techniques and plays to win in the trenches and stop the offense at the line. Get the most out of any player by maximizing their dynamic power with the right fundamentals, form, and decision-making skills that you can learn on this new series from starting NFL D-lineman Charles Omenihu.

Master the important starting stance and explosion techniques that Charles uses to create the most pop off the snap, and learn all the right ways to start getting your hands on the offensive line, shed them, and attack the ball. Shed blocks, stab chop, and pass rush with the best moves made possible thanks to this elite athlete coaching.

Charles Omenihu brings you through all of his favorite techniques to stunt from the defensive line, with options to mix up your attacks and keep things fun and engaging. This series is made for coaches and athletes alike to learn how to build the skills that bring elite-level success, with help from an NFL professional who is excelling at the highest levels of football.

Defensive Stance

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Introduction 
  • Defensive Stance
  • Six Techniques 
  • 4I Technique 
  • Pass Rush 
  • 5 Technique 
  • Run Defense 
  • Shedding a Block 
  • Stab Chop 
  • Outro 

Run Defense

So, What Does It All Cost?