Attack the strong side with these quads passing packages from high school football coaching guru Kevin Kelley

  • Quads groups four receivers to one side, overloading defenses and creating huge chances for offense.
  • Coach Kelley takes you through every play’s design step-by-step, giving you every detail your team needs for success.
  • Use these 5 effective and proven quads plays, including the cane, money, delay, and more.
  • See Coach Kelley go through game tape to watch these plays in action, broken down beat by beat.
  • Coach Kevin Kelley is known for his very unorthodox but game-proven methods, including never punting on 4th down, and always going for 2-point conversions.
  • See all the tricky offensive tactics that has made this quads package so dangerous for Coach Kelley over the years.

Coaching The Quads Package by Kevin Kelley

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Overload Defenses With This Innovative Passing System From The Quads Package from Coach Kevin Kelly, High School Football’s Most Innovative Coach


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What Will You Learn?

Utilize one of the most effective and exciting passing formations as Coach Kevin Kelley, a leading innovator in high school football, shows you the quads formations that you can use to overload a side of the field and smash defenses. With these passing plays, your team can begin moving the ball with way more creativity and precision.

Coach Kevin Kelley is the most innovative mind in high school football and has built a dynamic, exciting, and effective program with out-of-the-box plays that really work. Made famous for his strategy of never punting and always going for 2-point conversions, coach Kelley has built an incredible team with creative plays that pay off with precision and execution.

With quads, as you set four receivers on one side, you force the defense into reliable reactions that you can exploit with Coach Kelley’s total technical layout. Find ways to move the ball for short conversions or long passes that get big yardage, all with Coach Kelley’s technical know-how.


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QUADS 4 - 8S


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